Our Story

T he attire expresses the tradition and culture of any community. Every traditional attire has its incredible journey that signifies its glorious history. And while talking about the illustrious past, Rajputi attires and lakh bangles are one of them. Rajputi Poshak is royal attire which is worn majorly in Rajasthan only, and it also can be said as a Rajasthani Poshak. With the evolution of time, the grace of this attire and lakh bangles increased immensely.

With a lot of craze and buzz around the globe about western clothing, we are not any exception habituating western clothing and appears to our daily lifestyle. But women haven't been able to resist the grace, charm, beauty, and their love for traditional wear. Indeed, we've wholeheartedly accepted western clothing, but when it comes to social gatherings, weddings, festivals ethnic wear is the very first priority for many of the Indian women.

When you wear this classic lakh bangles, it will give you a touch of royalty, it makes you feel connected to the history of royal Rajasthan, and that's what inspired me most to start this business. I want to take my culture to be recognized all over the world. My Rajputana heritage and a few modern spins on Rajasthani Poshaks co-exist in beautiful harmony to create the most incredible Rajputi Poshak Designs and lakh bangles.

Product Customization*

With the years of experience in this domain, we are capable of providing Customized Lakh Bangles. These bangles are available in different patterns and it gives an enchanting look to those women who wear them. Our vendors made these bangles by using optimum quality raw material,

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Custom Rajputi Poshak

Custom Rajasthani Bangles

In Rajput Dress you can customize your Poshak by giving us the Specification ,Colour ,Design , Work and Images. Our team will work and tell you about the cost and time . By customizing your roayl dress you can make the dress unique and different from others/ sample poshak .